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Enable/Disable Layouter in the InformationFilter Window
Is there a macro or how can I create my own macro that
enable/disable the Layouter (and why not also other filters/effects) 
in the Information Window?
Hi JimJohn
give me time that i study a solution for you
Hi JimJohn

in build .270 i have added the item "INFO_LOWER" in Command Window_FOCUS , in this way you can set focus on lower part of Palette Information

and i have add the command "CONTEXT_MENU" , in this way you can simulate the right click on item and open context menu 

then , i have create the macro that you need and in attach the Macro already created

in video you can see : 

row 1 ) set focus on Palette information lower part

row 2) open context menu 

row 3) down one line

row 4) press ENTER

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It works fine!

It's nice to see that you quickly add a new functionality to this great program.
I'm curious why this macro would be needed.
(04-16-2017, 05:31 PM)Jerry Wrote: I'm curious why this macro would be needed.

I have an "alternative multicam mode" workflow where I have some PiP Layouter presets..
And now with this macro with one keystroke I could enable/disable the default Layouter!
If you have layouter set to factory default, it doesn't affect the video at all. Disabling something that has no effect, is an extraneous move. You should try using the Transform filter instead of another layouter instance. You can create presets for multiple Transform instances and then create a macro for each Transform
function. Then, you can use Layouter as a 'Master Control' of the overall image after applying each Transform filter.

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